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Ratings Appeal Form

2006  NTRP Appeals Form (Please copy and paste form below into Word, and then print, fill out, and mail to the address provided.)

2007 NTRP appeal ERS & Yearend form updated 8-2-06

2007 - Only a player may appeal his/her computer-generated rating. To file an appeal, you must submit this

form to your section/district by their prescribed date. No appeal will be accepted after that date. See your

section web site for deadline. Please note that no national championship benchmark rating may be appealed

the first year received except for medical.

Players will be notified in writing as to whether their appeals were granted or denied.

NOTE: NTRP Computer Ratings are good for 3 years (2 years for those aged 60 or older during 2007)

An individual must play at their published rating or higher.

Reasons an appeal may be granted:


All players, except national benchmarks, whose rating is within .05 above or below NTRP level, will be granted.

One year or older national benchmark whose rating is within .05 above or below NTRP level (regardless of age)

may be considered.

Any player who will be 60 years of age or older during the league year and whose rating is within .10 above or

below will be granted an appeal.

Year old computer rating that falls within .10 above IF the next highest approved NTRP level is not available.


All of Year-End Appeals

New players (self-rated) whose rating is within .10 above or below level with 3 or fewer dynamic ratings will be

granted an appeal.


Permanent disabling injury or illness occurring after year-end ratings were achieved (with supporting documentation.)


All of the Year-End Appeals

New player (self-rated) with 4 or fewer dynamic ratings may be granted an appeal if it falls within .20 above the level.


These are appealed through TennisLink – Do not use this form to appeal your electronic self-rate.

Office Use Fee Paid (if applicable): ___________

Date Received: ___________ Rating in 100th: ______

_________Granted - may play _______NTRP level

_________Denied - must continue at _______NTRP level

Initial: __________ Date: _________

Early Start & Year-End

NTRP Appeal Form

See your section/district web site for:

Appeal deadline Fees (if applicable)

Appeal mailing address

Name: ______________________________________

Address: ____________________________________


Phone: (_____) ____________________

Fax: (_____) _______________________

E-mail: ______________________________________

Date of Birth: _________________

Circle: Male / Female Right-handed / Left-handed

USTA #: _________________ Expires: ___________

Section: ____________Area/District: ______________

State NTRP level beside each Division you played.

Mark "n/a" if you did not play in a division.

______Adult ______Senior ______Mixed

______Super Senior _____ Mixed Senior _____Combo

Team Number(s) and Names: _____________________



___Early Start ___Year-End ___ Mixed Exclusive

___ Medical

___ Documentation on letterhead attached

___ Appealed a medical condition before?

If Yes: Section _________ Date ________

Note: Medical appeal of national benchmark will

be forwarded to the National League Administrator.

Rating as published: _________________

Request rating change to: _____________


Player’s Signature