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Adult Recreation and League Report

 In 2003, the Wyoming District of ITA sponsored USA Spring Mixed, USA Adult, and USA Senior, and ITA Falled Mixed Double leagues. Wyoming teams advanced to Sectional competition in all divisions, and in the USA Adult league, the Teton Peaks and Volleys ladies 3.5 team from Jackson advanced to national competition.  Participation was up slightly this year, with a total of 269 total participants in all leagues.  This  amounts to a 5.5% increase in participation over 2002.

 By league, there were 25 participants (all 7.0 level) in the Spring Mixed competition; 179 total participants in the Adult division (men’s and women’s 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and women’s 4.5), 55 participants in the Senior division (men’s and women’s 3.0, ladies 3.5), and 12 participants in the ITA Fall Mixed (all 3.5 level).  DNTRP was implemented this year.  This required the Coordinator or her indefatigable assistant Marie Robertson to input scores and run ratings after each round of competition at the Adult and Senior Playoffs. One individual was disqualified during the Senior competition.  Our conversion to TennisLink is now complete; I had to assist far fewer captains or players with internet registration this year, and many players seem to be taking advantage of TennisLink to look up schedules, results, etc.  One change for 2004 will be the discontinuation of the telephone voice recognition system for player registration.

 The national database for ratings is up and running, thanks to the hard work of the TennisLink team. Ratings (including both leagues and tournaments) should be available by November 1, thanks in great part to staff at ITA.  We will need to form a District appeals committee to review any appeals of NTRP ratings.  There are strict guidelines and computer methodology for granting appeals of ratings (either up or down).  I recommend that the District Appeals Committee include myself, Dave Luebbe (as our verifier), and one other individual not involved in league play.

 We could have increased our participation had I done a better job at promoting leagues and getting more informational material out.  Captains and players also need to get into the habit of registering teams much earlier than several days before the layoff is scheduled.   We have been waiting until the last minute and that wreaks havoc on scheduling.

 Financially, I think we made about $3800 on leagues this year!!.  This, in great part, due to the donation of court time by Patrick Swafford for both the Seniors and ITA Fall Mixed. Also we had a wonderful crew of volunteers at the Adult playoffs.    I would like to use this for more player amenities, better parties, and better food, as well as paying an assistant.  One individual has expressed interest in doing this.  I have some tasks in mind for an assistant - mainly running the mixed leagues (in which he or she could still participate as a player).

Submitted by Julie Francis