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Tournaments and Awards Committee Report

Tournaments went well this year and I believe everyone has paid their fees to the WYTF and submitted all reports to Marie on time for ranking purposes.  There was an additional tournament added in March in Jackson and two additional in November and December in Cheyenne. A few minor changes will be made to the Tournament Directors packet and they should be ready to go before the first tournament of the year.  The only item that might not be in the packet would be the 2004 Friend at Court.

With a lot of help from Becky and Patrick, the Awards forms were completely revamped and distributed to all Board members, Tournament Directors and as many high school coaches as possible.  We were too late to get our winners nominated to the Intermountain Awards but that will change next year.  We now have the process in place to promote our winners up the chain from here to Section and then to National.  Our only change in the Awards will be the time frame in which the nominees come.  The Award year will run from September through August.  Nominations for the 2004 Awards will be collected and voted on prior to September 1, 2004.  This will give us the opportunity to move our winners to the Sectional Awards.

The plan this year is to invite the recipients to the Annual Meeting to receive their award at either the luncheon or dinner, whichever is decided by Becky and Kathy.

As always, suggestions are always welcome.

Respectfully submitted:

John Agin

September 22, 2003