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Individual Youth Sholarship Application

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Scholarship Program

The Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation is a fundraising arm of the Wyoming Tennis Association. The purpose of the foundation is to provide financial assistance to juniors and junior programs giving kids the opportunity to learn from and play the lifetime sport of tennis.

Tennis teaches important life skills such as responsibility, discipline, integrity and self-confidence. The WYTF is committed to providing tennis as a means to instill these attributes in Wyoming’s children regardless of economic, social or ethnic background.

Funding Guidelines & Requirements

*Candidates may be male or female, ages 18 and under, who reside in the state of Wyoming

*Awards are based on financial need

*Scholarship award not to exceed $300/year.

*A current USTA membership is required

*Scholarships will be considered based on the following schedule:

Application Deadline

April 1 & October 1

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

*Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high standards of sportsmanship on and off the court. Recipients are also expected to represent the sport of tennis by maintaining an outstanding reputation in both school and community. Failure to maintain this expected behavior level may be cause for a scholarship to be revoked.

*A scholarship recipient accountability report form must be submitted to account for usage of scholarship.

*Submit application and letter of request to:

Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation

1000 S. Ninth Street

Laramie, WY 82070

Phone: 307/742-0892

E-mail: ustawytennis@aol.com

Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision within 30 days.

Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation

Scholarship Application

Player Information

Name__________________________ Phone ___________________________

Complete address_____________________________________________________


Date of Birth_______________ Ethnicity__________________________

Amount of financial aid requested______

Father/Guardian name______________ Occupation_______________________

Mother/Guardian name______________ Occupation_______________________

Number of children in family including the applicant? _______

Without WYTF assistance, would you be able to participate in program/activity?

Applicant should attach a detailed letter describing how aid would be used, including an itemized list of expected or actual expenditures.

I certify that all information is true and accurate.

Player signature _________________________ Date _______________

Parent/Guardian signature _________________ Date _______________

For internal use only

$____________ Amount awarded

_____________ Date

Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation

WYTF Scholarship Recipient Accountability Form

Player Information

Name_________________________________ Phone___________________________

Complete Address______________________________________________________________

Amount of financial-aid received_____________ Date -___________________________

Scholarship Accountability Information

Describe in detail how scholarship was used. Receipts may be included. Return accountability forms no later than August 15, for scholarships funded in April, and February 15, for scholarships awarded in October.

Return to:

Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation

1000 S. Ninth St.

Laramie, WY 82070


email Becky Blalock: ustawytennis@aol.com