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2003 Ratings Appeal Form

2004 - Only a player may appeal his/her computer-generated rating.  To file an appeal, you must submit this form to WYOTA by January 15, 2004.  The NTRP Computer Rating System Procedures limit the reasons an appeal will be granted, summarized below: 

· New player (self-rated) with 4 or fewer matches if it falls within .20 above the final dynamic NTRP level may be granted an appeal.
· No national benchmark may be appealed except for medical. (see below)
· Player whose year-end rating is within .05 above or below NTRP level will be granted.
· Player who has reached age 65 during the league year and whose rating is within .10 above or below will be granted.
· Year old non-benchmark rating that falls within .10 above IF the next highest approved NTRP level is not available.

· Permanent disabling injury or illness occurring after year-end ratings were achieved.
· National Benchmarks must be submitted to the National League Administrator for decision. 

Player will be notified in writing as to whether the appeal was granted or denied.

NOTE:  NTRP Computer Ratings are good for five years.  An individual must play at their published rating.

NTRP Appeal Form

Submit to:  Julie Francis, 1403 E. Curtis, Laramie, WY 82072 by January 15, 2004.

Name:  _____________________________________
Address: __________________________________ 
Phone:   (_____) _____________________________
 Fax:       (_____) _____________________________
e-mail ____________________________________
Age: 19-25      26-35     36-49   50-64    65 & over
Gender:     Male        Female 
USTA #: ____________________  Expires: __________

Section(s)____________ Area/District(s) :  ______________
(list all Sections in which you played)
State NTRP level beside each Division in which you participated.  Mark “n/a” if you did not play in a division   

______Adult ______Senior ______Mixed 

Team Number(s) and Names:






___Early Start       ___Year-End      ___ Mixed Exclusive 

_____ Medical   ____ Medical National Benchmark
______Supporting documentation of injury and prognosis on letterhead attached

Rating as published: _________________

Request rating change to: ___________

    Player’s Signature



Office Use Only: 
Date Received: ___________   Rating in 100th: ______

_________Granted -  may play    _______NTRP level
_________Denied - must continue at _______NTRP level
Initial: __________ Date:  _________