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Incentives For Creating 2.5 Leagues

2.5 players make good cent$! Take advantage of Intermountain Tennis Association's 2.5 Player Incentive Program for 2005!

In order to attract new players to USA League tennis, the Intermountain Tennis Association has financial awards available to Non-USPTA instructors who organize teams at the 2.5 level.

It’s FUN!

No bad habits to break

No preconceived attitudes to overcome

Captive and appreciative audience

Quick learning curve

And now you have a financial partnership provided by

the Intermountain Tennis Association.

Every new player=$5

Every new team=$200

How can I get new 2.5 players involved?

Where can I find new players?

Conduct a well-advertised social, free clinic or free lesson day

Recruit parents of exiting Junior players

Have an existing player bring a friend who is a beginner or

who has never played

Work with school districts to communicate available programs to parents

Host a member guest day

Network with Senior centers, newcomer's groups and new community

homeowners’ associations

Once I find new players, how do I keep their interest?

Provide lots of personal attention

Organize socials

Group beginner instructional programs with a “play” program

Provide and post player lists to both new and current members

Cardio Tennis

Focus on the fun and social aspects of tennis and fitness!

ITA Incentives

What counts as a new player?

Any player that did not play in the USA Adult League program at the 2.5 level in 2004.

What counts as a new team?

Any USA Adult League 2.5 level team comprised of 50% or greater new players.

How do I report new players and teams?

Intermountain Tennis Association - 2.5 Player Incentive

Thank you for taking the time to introduce new players to the sport of tennis and USA League Tennis in particular.

To receive your incentive, please fill out the following information and mail it to your District League Coordinator. Mail and E-mail addresses for the Wyoming Tennis Association’s District League Coordinator is listed below.

Facilitator's Name:


Phone No.:

Facility or Club Name:

New 2.5 Players:

Names ($5 incentive per player):

New 2.5 Teams

Team numbers ($200 incentive per team):

Wyoming District League Coordinator:

Wyoming Tennis Association

1403 Curtis

Laramie, WY 82070

Attention: Julie Francis

E-Mail: juljulief@aol.com

Phone: (307) 745-3410

This form must be received no later than August 5th, 2005 for incentive reimbursement