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USTA Wyoming District offers many options for our junior tennis players -- starting at the youngest age of 5 (10 Under Tennis,  After-School Kids Tennis Clubs Programming, Schools PE Programs) and continuing through age 18 (Junior Team Tennis and competitive USTA Sanctioned tournaments).
10 and Under Tennis  -- 10 and Under is for our 10 and under players. What is 10 and Under Tennis? 10 and Under Tennis is an exciting new play format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by adapting the equipment, court dimensions and the scoring to the age and size of children – just like other youth sports do. It enables kids to have more enjoyable experiences early on in the learning process – and having fun is the number one factor in keeping kids involved. The format can be easily incorporated into any programming, lessons and clinics to tournaments and Junior Team Tennis.
This exciting new format for our smallest players makes playing tennis much easier and a TON of FUN! The rules have changed for tennis -- and it is a good change. All 8 and under tournaments must now be played on 36' courts with a "red" ball with racquets no longer than 23". In Wyoming, all 10 and Under tournaments will be played on 60' courts with an "orange" ball with no larger racquets than 25" and 8 and Under will be played on 36' courts with red balls and racquets no larger than 23".  Modified scoring is used for both 10's and 8 and Under tournaments. 
10 and Under Tennis Workshops - Want to get involved or learn more about 10 and Under Tennis, then consider hosting or attending a 10 and Under Training Workshop.
After-School Programming – If your child stays after school in an “after-school” program why not get them playing tennis. We have "Kids Tennis Clubs" which are after-school tennis programs located in many Wyoming communities and schools.  We also ahve grants for supporting Kids Tennis Clubs.  Get one if your community today -- just contact Mario to find out how. 
Contact Peg Connor to see about getting 10 and Under Tennis as part of the after-schools programming in your community. Get in the game now!
Junior Team Tennis (JTT) - USTA Junior Team Tennis brings kids together in teams to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles against other teams. It promotes social skills and important values by fostering a spirit of cooperation and unity, as well as individual self-growth. Also, it’s a fun environment for kids in which they learn that succeeding is really more about how they play the game – win or lose.

USTA Junior Team Tennis is designed for kids ages 5-18. They are immediately placed on teams. All you need to start a league are two teams. Matches can be held anywhere from a local park or school to a commercial or private club. Teams are preferably co-ed but can also be single gender (boys only or girls only). They are divided by the following age and play levels:
Age Groups: U18, U16, U14, U12, U10 and U8. Play Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Contact Peg Connor to get a JTT Leagues started in your community.
USTA Sanctioned Tournaments - Sanctioned tournaments are a great way for junior players to stay in shape, stay busy in the summer, and get some good competition during the high school off season. Find a tournament and put together a group of friends and make a “Road Trip” if you don’t have a tournament in your own town. Road trips are a great way to cut costs and have fun with your friends – talk to your parents today about setting up a Tournament Road Trip. CLICK HERE to search for a Wyoming tournament. Contact Peg Connor to see about adding a USTA Sanctioned tournament in your community so you don’t have to travel as far for the next tournament.