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About the Wyoming Tennis Association


"To promote and develop the growth of tennis in Wyoming"

The Wyoming Tennis Association, also known as WYOTA, is an organizational district (USTA WY) of the United States Tennis Association (USTA). Our mission is “to promote and develop the growth of tennis in Wyoming.” We are made up of a volunteer Board of Directors of residents from around the state of Wyoming who love the game of tennis. Through our many committees and chairs, we coordinate efforts throughout the state, creating a smooth running statewide tennis community.

2024 Committees & Chairs include:

Executive & Finance Committee: Josh Cossitt - Cheyenne
Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation Committee:  Josh Cossitt - Cheyenne, Diane McGee - Jackson, Elizabeth Clower - Laramie, Joe Asay - Powell
Board & Volunteer Development Committee:  Tim Hough - Casper
Awards Committee:  Diane McGee - Jackson
Community Tennis Association Committee: Elizabeth Clower - Laramie
Adult Play & Competition Committee:  Ryan McCormick - Casper
Junior Play & Competition Committee:  Josh Cossitt - Cheyenne
Adaptive Tennis Task Force:  Kacie Pugel - Cheyenne
Grievance/Governance/Bylaws Committee:  TBD

2024 Community Tennis Associations include:

Alpine Community Tennis Association/UWYO National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapter - Laramie - President Elizabeth Clower
Casper Community Tennis Association - Casper - President Ryan McCormick
Cheyenne Tennis Association - Cheyenne - President Rob Van Cleve
Poder National Junior Tennis & Learning Chapter - Cheyenne - Tennis Director Austin Fermilia
Sweetwater County Tennis Association - Green River/Rock Springs - President Phil Harder
Sheridan Tennis Association - Sheridan - President Lorna Brooks
Teton County Community Tennis Association - Jackson - President Diane McGee

You can contact Wyoming Tennis Association by reaching out to:

Peg Connor -- USTA Wyoming Executive Director
Wyoming Tennis Association
1417 E Custer ST
Laramie, WY 82070