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2024 USTA Wyoming Committees (chairs in bold)

Executive Committee/Wyoming Youth Tennis Foundation Board of Directors:  Josh Cossitt-Cheyenne, Diane McGee-Jackson, Elizabeth Clower-Laramie, Joe Asay-Powell

Finance Committee: Joe Asay-Powell, Josh Cossitt-Cheyenne, Diane McGee-Jackson, Elizabeth Clower-Laramie

Board and Volunteer Development:  Tim Hough-Casper

Awards: Diane McGee-Jackson, Jason Anderson-Rawlins, Josh Cossitt-Cheyenne

Community Tennis Association:  Elizabeth Clower-Laramie, Diane McGee-Jackson, Jason Anderson-Rawlins, Fernando Ceballos-Rock Springs, Lorna Brooks-Sheridan, Huntley McNabb-Buffalo

Adult Play & Competition:  Ryan McCormick-Casper, Tim Hough-Casper, Kelly Matthews-Jackson, Finley Klinger-Casper, Ellen Laubhan-Laramie

Junior Play & Competition:  Josh Cossitt-Cheyenne

Governance/Grievance/Bylaws Committee: TBD

Adaptive Tennis Task Force: Kacie Pugel-Cheyenne,
Anne Moore-Laramie, Cailin Bruegger-Cheyenne, Kristin Huffman-Cheyenne

NTRP Appeals Committee – Dean Clower, Eric Nokes, Josh Cossitt

The USTA Wyoming Board President and Executive Director is an ExOfficio member of each committee

We are always looking for interested individuals from across the state to join our organization as a volunteer.  If you have interest in joining a USTA Wyoming Committee, please fill out this short form.