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Become a USTA Official

February 1, 2012 10:35 AM
To become an official you must:
·        Be an active USTA member – join at www.usta.com
·        Have eyesight correctable to 20 / 20
·        Contact the Wyoming Tennis Association 
·        Study the Friend at Court and pass the on-line, open book Provisional Umpire Test on rules and procedures.  The Friend at Court (FAC) handbook of tennis rules and regulations is the basis for the test questions. Submit your answer sheet on-line.
·        Begin the Background Screening process.
·        After Test and Background approval, you are required to be mentored prior to receiving any on court assignments. A package of mentoring materials will be provided to you prior to your first mentoring assignment. At least one day – probably two.
·        Attend certification training classes annually, which will be held in Denver, CO in March – when you attend a school, you need to take the Section Umpire exam on-line and pass before attending the class.
·        School in Denver – Sunday, March 18thth for umpires with less than 3 years experience – contact Mark Williams , Colorado District Chair to register for the class.
·        Register in NUCULA – the USTA umpires database (after passing PV and Background Screening).