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2012 WY Leagues

2012 WY League – A Record Year!
What a great year we had with our league play in Wyoming. Thanks to all the League Team Captains and league players for supporting USTA Leagues in Wyoming! 
Our league season starting with the USTA Spring Mixed Doubles and ending with the ITA Fall Mixed Doubles. We had a total of 77 players participate in our mixed doubles this year – an all-time record for WY! We sent WY Mixed Doubles Teams on to the Sectional Championships is the following divisions: 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0 and 8.5 – a first in WY!
USTA WY had 190 participants in our USTA Adult Leagues this year and sent eight (8) teams to the Adult Sectional Championships in W 3.0, W 3.5, W 4.0, and W 4.5 also in the M 3.0, M 3.5, M 4.0 and M 4.5 -- another first in WY!
USTA Senior Leagues also had a record year with a total of 106 participants – another record for WY! We sent teams on to the Sectional Championships in W 3.0, W 3.5, W 4.0 and M 3.5 and M 4.0). 
Super Senior’s also had a record registration! We will be sending the following teams (W 7.0 and M 8.0) on to the Super Senior Sectional Championships which will be played in 2013. GOOD LUCK! 
We started something new this year – Tri-Level Leagues.  What a BLAST we had at the first event in Laramie at the UWYO Varsity Indoor Tennis Complex. We have additional Tri-Level Adult PlayDays scheduled in Casper, Cheyenne, and Laramie  –  get registered and get in on the FUN!