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2013 End of Year NTRP Ratings

USTALeague 2013 Year End Ratings

The USTA League 2013 Year End Ratings and have been published on TennisLink. Your rating is posted on your Tennis Page.

To see the End-of-Year NTRP ratings for all the players that participated in Wyoming Leagues during the 2013 League Season,  Click Here.  This is a great way to find additional team members for your 2014 League Teams. 

If you want the Women's NTRP ratings for all the ladies that played in Wyoming league last year then Click Here or for more specific NTRP levels for Women click on the links below:

Women's 2.5

Women's 3.0

Women's 3.5

Women's 4.0

Women's 4.5

For all the Men that played league events in Wyoming last year Click here.  For specific NTRP levels for Men, click on the links below:

Men’s 2.5

Men's 3.0

Men's 3.5

Men’s 4.0

Men’s 4.5

Click here for NTRP Descriptions.

Appeals -- The criteria for granting an appeal is a combination of how far your rating is over or under level, how many matches you played, your age, and in some special cases which apply to Early Start League Self Rated players and also to Mixed Self Rated players.

Good luck in the 2014 league season.