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Another Volunteer Speaks Out

During my 60 years of marriage I became aware of the tremendous need and great enjoyment of being a volunteer. I learned how important it was to provide administrative services for activities and events to the participants of learning and sports. Each activity needs both the participants and volunteers to make events happen!
My husband and I discovered that, in addition to running, hiking and skiing, there was yet another sport “Tennis!” to be enjoyed.   However, there were few organized events available in Casper. We loved the sport and my previous volunteer experience in other organizations helped me realize that other cities and other tennis players in Wyoming could benefit from a statewide tennis organization but it would take volunteers to make it happen.  
With the help of other volunteers and enthusiasts around the state, an idea was developed that became the Wyoming Tennis Association. Funds were discovered and recovered, interest was recruited and Articles of Incorporation were formed and the Wyoming Tennis Association came to be--now known as WYOTA. It took many volunteers to make that happen.   
I have been extended many honors for my volunteerism, but the honors do not begin to recognize the fulfillment of friends discovered, competitions won and lost, because I was a part of the whole game as a volunteer in addition to being a competitor.
Marie is one of the founders of WYTOA -- or what has become the United States Tennis Association Wyoming District.  The USTA is the governing body for tennis in the US -- similar to NFL for football, NBA/WNBA for basketball, NHL for hockey and PGA/LPGA for golf.  USTA WY helps coordinate USTA activities and programs (leagues, tournaments, junior team tennis, Schools Programs and training) throughout Wyoming. 
"The most prestigious award that is given out to volunteers that dedicate a lifetime to helping with our mission of growing the game of tennis in Wyoming, is called The Marie Robertson Lifetime Achievement Award.  We are very fortunate to have volunteers like Marie Robertson and Sue Capozella in Wyoming and Wyoming tennis is better off because of the impact of these hard working ladies -- many, many thanks!"  Dave Boon (Executive Director, USTA WY)