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Military BGC's Attend NJTL Training

Military BGC’s Embrace ACE and Tennis – A Winning Combination!

USTA Serves staff Dan Limbago and Greg Frias conducted an NJTL – ACE Training in Las Vegas on May 17 – 18th.  Some of those attending the training where from Boy and Girls Clubs on military bases in CO, NV, UT and WY, and included:

  • Fort Carson (CO) – Otis Forrest and Cynthia Gilder
  • Nellis Air Force Base (NV) - Reese Davis, Sarah Jackson, and Kathye Dudley
  • Hill Air Force Base (UT) – Alvin Ulsh and Sarah Wheelwright
  • F.E Warren Air Force Base (WY)  – Jenna Weinzierl and Logan Bunker  
  • BGC Larimer County (CO) – Sarah Wooldridge

Also attending the training were Annie Bergman (UWYO) and Dave Boon (ED for USTA WY).  Dave has received a grant from USTA Serves to assist the BGC on these military bases, as well as the US Air Force Academy BGC, to develop NJTL Chapters with both tennis and the A.C.E. Curriculum.  The USTA/Intermountain Section office was represented by Adele Sobieski, Section D&I Manger, Janay Oakland, TSR Nevada and Jane Waterstradt TSR Utah.

The Academic Creative Engagement (ACE) curriculum training was conducted by the Co-Developers Pat McDonald and Steve Duncan and the participants were so engaged and having so much FUN that they did not know they were learning literacy and mathematics.

ACE is an out-of-school academic curriculum connected to 21st Century Skills, National Standards and the sport of tennis. ACE focuses on literacy and mathematics and is designed to encourage academic achievement, health/wellness and social/emotional skills by guiding children through educational processes that include decision making, problem solving and working together toward common goals. When combined with a tennis program, it provides important developmental assets and reflects the ideals and principles of Arthur Ashe by giving children access to a safe, healthy and educational opportunity. 

According to Adele Sobieski, “The training was very beneficial, not only for learning about the ACE Curriculum, but also about engaging your students.  If a activity is worth doing, the teacher should be doing it right alongside the student.”  Sobieski went on to say, “What NJTL and ACE bring to these kids from low income families, is not only structure, but more importantly it gives them a place to feel safe and have hope for a brighter future.  Research shows, that children from low income families don’t dream of a future.  Through these programs they learn of all the possibilities that are out there.”

Tom Fey (USTA National 10 Under Faculty) wrapped up the training with an outstanding 3.5 hour on-court 10 Under Tennis Workshop on a very hot Sunday afternoon.

The participants all agreed that the tennis and ACE will be a great addition to their bases BGC’s youth programming and they cannot wait to get back and get started.   

To learn more about this exciting project contact Dave Boon at 307-742-0892 or dave@ustawyoming.com