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New Adult 40 League a HUGE SUCCESS

The new USTA Adult 40+ League Playoffs in Wyoming were a huge success by all measures. The new restructuring by USTA left some questions and concern with WY players. Did we have enough players at the 40+ level and could we find players that wanted to play singles since the matches required 2-singles and 3-doubles at each NTRP level? The answer – Yes!
This was a first year event with the new restructuring of the USTA Leagues for 40+.  We had Women’s Teams in 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.  We had Men’s Teams in 3.5 and 4.0.  Our goal was for a registration of ~70% of USTA Adult 18+ Leagues numbers. 
 We had 14 Teams and a total of 139 players! That is ~79% of our Adult League registration rates and we had four (4) Women’s 3.0 Teams – we only had two (2) in the Adult League Playoffs.
 We also had ~12 new players of which six were 2.5’s!  With the efforts of players like Sonny Vance and Terri Colling, with the help of Dean and Macie as coaches, we are getting many new players into the game of tennis.  Winning Teams that are qualified for Sectional Advancement included:
W 3.0 - Smash Hits (Sara Hoff – Captain)
W 3.5 - Blind Squirrel Crossing 2 (Deb Olson and Adelle Byra – Captains) Other team members include Ginger Paige, Trudy McCraken, Rene Williams, Kate Welsh, Cheryl Johnson, Cathy Gorbett, Susan Sherman, and Suzie Young
W 4.0 - 40+ Shades of Gray (Megan Hayes – Captain) Other team members include Vicky Kmetz, Troy Ibarra, Janet Stanford-Nachtigal, Michelle Schilling, Becky Fischer, Hannelore Mundt, Dodi Campbell, Lori Nelson, and Michelle Killmer
M 3.5 – Richard’s Warriors (Richard Beckey – Captain)
M 4.0 – WY Wannaby’s  (Terry Balinski – Captain)
Thanks to all the Team Captains, players and USTA WY Board members (Kristy Lamb, Dean Clower, James Voorhies, Timmy Lew, and Julie Francis) that played and helped make this a successful first year Adult 40+ League event!