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USTA Adult WY Playoffs a HUGE Success

The USTA Adult 18+ Wyoming League Playoffs were held August 2 – 4th in Laramie WY at the UWYO Varsity Tennis Complex. We had 19 teams with 175 players registered for the competition in NTRP Levels of 3.0 through 4.5 in both Men’s and Women’s. 
There was some very good tennis played at all levels. We had visiting players from Colorado, Idaho, Las Vegas and Nebraska. Yes – Las Vegas. Home grown WY native, Michael Bower, comes back each year to play in this event and this year he was Captain of the Men’s 4.5 Team out of Casper. His brother, Brady, was also in the action, and played on the Men’s 4.0 team from Casper. 
Speaking of families, we had brothers, sisters, father/sons, and mother/daughters playing in this year’s USTA Adult 18+ League Playoffs. It was great FUN! 
We also had many new players join in on the league fun this year. One player, Shaun Haynes, was in the F.E. Warren Air Force Base free adult clinic that I gave just ~ 2 weeks ago. It was at that clinic that he asked about league and tournament playing opportunities. Shaun is active military at Warren, is now a USTA Adult 18+ WY Champion and he is going to Salt Lake City on the Men’s 3.0 Team.  Congrats to the new kid! 
Eight (8) teams qualified for Sectional Advancement to Salt Lake City for the Intermountain Sectional Adult 18+ Championships on August 23-25th.  Winning teams included:
Maureen and Friends Women’s 3.0 (Maureen Vance – Captain, Sue Ettema, Sherry Aanenson, Cathy Harokopis, Cindy Schultz, Sara Hoff, Carol Murphy, Esther Mellizo and Cindy Peterson)
Racquettes Women’s 3.5 (Jayne Smith – Captain, Emily Bates, Jessica Morrow, Janice Delorey, Emily Madrid, Ellen Plowman, Karolyn Hopfensperger, and Katie Hopfensperger)
Dooley’s Ladies Women’s 4.0 (Tracy Dooley – Captain, Alyson Hagy, Janet Stanforth-Nachtigal, Vicky Kmetz, Megan Hayes, Troy Ibarra, Dodi Campbell, Anne Moore, Tori Rosenthal, and Kira Poulson)
Jackson Women’s 4.5 (Linda Merigliano – Captain, Faith May, Susan Pavek, Tammy Lockie, Gail Broderick, Heather Silverman, Nyla Kress, and Julie Arfmann)
Sreamin Deans Men’s 3.0 (Sonny Vance – Captain, Michael Skoglund, Clinton Swierczek, Gary Sherman, Frank Rahel, Peter Moran, K Michael Richards, Dan Plowman, and Shaun Haynes)
Honey Badgers Men’s 3.5 (Mike Lobatos – Captain, Trent Carroll, Palmer Trujillo, Gary Schoene, Danny Ruiz, Jhett Brown, Jeff Jacoby, Todd Scott, Austin Stege, Joe Aherns)
Wyoming Bandicoots Men’s 4.0 (Robert Ford – Captain, Brady Bower, Mat Perkins, Braden Hobbs, James Voorhies, John Agin, Steven Rahel, and Luck Visger)
Pete’s Gang Men’s 4.5 (Pedro Vargas – Captain, Michael Olds, Ryan James, Mat Kiser, Ricky Thompson, Gustavo Belloso, Frank Coyle, Arthur Turnbill, Martin Coe, and Daniel Lizarribar)
BEST OF LUCK to you all in Salt Lake City at the Intermountain Sectionals!