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WYOTA Universal Tournament Entry Form

This form can be used for WYOTA Sanctioned Tournaments.  It is NOT to be used for USTA Adult Leagues, Junior Team Tennis or Flex-Leagues.  Some helpful information:


  • You must be a current USTA member with a valid card number to enter a WYOTA Sanctioned Tournament.  Go to USTA.com/jointoday or call 1-800-990-8782  to become a member. 
  • If you use this mail in entry form, it must be mailed to the specific Tournament Director and it must be received by the entry close date as set by each Tournament. 


  • We strongly encourage you to register for tournaments on-line through TennisLink at www.usta.com/TennisLink/   -- this makes it much easier for you and for the Tournament Director. 



Wyoming Tennis Association
Uniform Tournament Entry Form




Your Name___________________________________________USTA#______________________________




Phone___________   Cell #________________ Email_________________________________________


Tournament __________________________________________________________________________


TennisLink #__________________________________________________________________________






Doubles Partner_______________________________________________________________________


Fees enclosed_________________________________________________________________________